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Altai Mountains

There are three major mountain chains in Mongolia: the Mongolian Altai Mountains the Khangai (Khangain Nuruu), and the Khentii Mountains (Khentiin Nuruu). Read more

Gobi Desert

Mongolian Gobi is one of three Paleontology world centers. The famous Yoliin Am(eagle valley) is the highest peak of Eastern Beauty Mountain and its altitude reaches 2815m of above the sea level. Read More

Khuvsgul Lake

Khuvsgul Lake is located in the northwest of Mongolia near the border to Russia, at the foot of the eastern Sayan Mountains. Read More

Tolbo Lake

75 kilometres towards South of Ulgii, in the centre of the province of Bayan-Ulgii, there is Tolbo Lake, ”Spot lake”. Read More

Tsaatan Reindeer

The Tsaatan people( also called Dukha) domesticate reindeer, riding them, breeding them and using them for milk, cheese and fur, their home region of Darkhad valley, Hovsgol province, Mongolia. Read More

Tsambagarav Mountain

The sacred, snow covered Tsambagarav Mountain at 4208 M (13,737 ft) on the border of Bayan-Olgii and Hovd Aimags towers over the 110,960 hectares of Tsambagarav Uul National Park. Read More

Tour Reviews


It was my first trip to Mongolia and I decided to fly to Altai Mountains. Mid june was a perfect timing, nice surprise to discover the snow was still there on the crest of the mountains which gave a beautiful view mixed with the green landscape!. And we were really lucky for the weather : sun in the day, little rain few hours some days. Program mixing trekking around the lakes, horse riding in the mountains, fishing for beginners; and meeting nomads along the countryside, sitting, discussing and sharing with them their meals or discovering children’s life at school. Logistic was almost perfect with our guide, driver and cooker, everything was well organised and no bad surprise during this trip. A really AUTHENTIC trip with a nice and professional team! I am eager to travel back to Mongolia very soon!…and with the same travel agency.

Alice LEFUR Altai TavanBogd Trekking
Gerard Froment

Bout du monde qui se mérite ...mais que de paysages superbes. Randonnées pêches dans des cadres magnifiques et variés qui m'ont procuré beaucoup d'émotions sur ces rivières encore préservées. Et quel avantage que cet organisation camping en tente qui permet de s’arrêter où l'on veut et d'explorer des secteurs à la demande . Félicitations pour l'organisation. Je reviendrai pour attraper ce taimen décroché... Merci Bulbul et Jean Marc. et bravo à la cuisinière.

Gerard Froment Traveller

Encore un superbe voyage en Mongolie, qui reste une destination authentique et sauvage. Il faut prendre son temps, vivre au rythme des mongoles et de la nature belle et immense. Un seul regret, ne pas avoir plus de temps pour aller plus loin, dans des régions encore plus isolées, où les truites et les ombres ne connaissent pas nos imitations de sauterelles. Mention spéciale pour notre staff, au top de la gentillesse, disponibilité et compétences Un voyage qui reste une aventure avec ses imprévus, ses rencontres, une immersion dans un monde qui nous appelle à revenir encore et encore. Merci à Bulbul et Jamak

Serge NOWAKOWSKI Altai Mountain Trekking

We decided to join the Eagle Hunting tour because we thought it would be more authentic than attending the Eagle Festival. We are so happy of our choice ! Bulbuljamak Travel has identified a small hamlet of 3 or 4 families in a beautiful site in the wilderness, 1 hour away from Ulgii. We went there at the beginning of the hunting season, early November. 2 beautiful Gers (Yurts) were set up for us, one to sleep in, the other for our lunches. The families were extremely friendly and welcoming, happy to share with us the moments of their daily life as livestock breeders (of sheep, goats, horses, yaks and camels !). My wife was thrilled with her experience of yak milking and yoghurt making ! Everyday we would go on horseback with two eagle hunters in spectacular attires and explore the magnificent landscape of ridges, valleys and rivers nearby. The horses were gentle, extremely surefooted and the saddles odd-looking but surprisingly comfortable. The bond between the hunters and their eagles was remarkable. Back to the camp the gers where nice and warm and we would be served excellent food, specially prepared us by our very creative cook Maya. We didn’t eat the same dish twice. My wife and I travel a lot, but this proved to have been one of our favourite holidays ever. Bravo to Bulbul and Jamak for a superb organisation and great memories !

Philippe Eagle Hunting with Experienced Eagle Hunter
Nathalie Tharreau

Très belles randonnées à cheval. Les paysages et les couleurs sont sublimes. Le cavalier guide porte le del, l’habit traditionnel mongol ce qui confère aux ballades un caractère authentique. L’accueil dans les yourtes est chaleureux, généreux et réserve des surprises. Des moments inoubliables !

Nathalie Tharreau Khuvsgul Lake Tour

Really great web site and all contents well organized Love to visit Western Mongolia

Adam Altai Mountain Trekking
Jerome Greggory

I just want to confirm what my friends Philippe, Francois and Cherry said. Our trip in Altai country was just formidable and unique. The organisation was perfect due to Bulbul and Jamak. Bravo and Thank you. Jérôme

Jerome Greggory Eagle Hunting with Experienced Eagle Hunter

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