Fly fishing

Fishing tour in Urgunchileg and Altantsogts for 8 days

  • DURATION 8 days
  • GROUP SIZE 2-10
  • DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION Bayan-Ulgii Province, Mongolia
  • RETURN DATE/TIME 8am - 13pm
  • WEAR Comfortable warm clothing, warm boots, hat, jacket and sunscreen.

Mongolian Grayling also scientifically known as “Thymallus Brevirostris Kessler” is basically just another class of the commen grayling, inhabiting vast river systems and lakes in the Altai Mountains of North-Western Mongolia.

This astounding fish is an endemic form, which lives only here in land-locked rivers flowing into large lakes, instead of having their mouth at the open sea. Missing a large predator and competing fish like a Taimen-Huchen or a sea-run Salmon, this Mongolian Grayling has developed a large growing breed, which turned into an aggressive predator at the top of the food chain.

Fishing tour in Urgunchileg and Altantsogts soumTour Itinerary

Day 1.  Fly to Ulaan-Baatar

Arrive in Ulaan-Baatar at the airport Chingiskhaan and transfer to Hotel, sightseeing with Mongolian's largest Buddhist Monastery, listen to horns calling lamas to temple, rituals and observe the monks, after lunch visit Natural History museum.

Day 2,3,4 Fly to Ulgii, Tsambagarav Nat.Park.

 Arrive in Ulgii, After lunch drive to east nearby the Tsambagarav nat.park, Urgun chileg where Urianhai people spend their summer time, in beautiful spring and rivers plenty of fishes in the valley. Change fishing spots in different places. Overnight in tents.


Day 5,6,7 Deluun soum, Buyant river.

 Drive to Deluun soum, for fishing Buyant river in Eagles valley. The  Hoh Serhyin Nuruu, the larger range  is the in the southeast Bayan-Ulgii.   The national park is  Protected Area (659 km²) and offers a home for many species animal, such as the Argali sheep, Ibex, Snow cock, and Golden eagle. Overnight in tents.


Day 8. Back to Ulgii

 Drive back to Ulgii via Tolbo lake, stay in Hotel

Day 9. Fly to UB.

 Transfer to the airport, departure UB


What's included?

  • Accommodation in hotel in UB*** with breakfasts
  • Accommodation at the tourist camp in the countryside
  • Accommodation in tents
  • All entrance fees to museum and Nat.Parks
  • City tour ticket
  • Folklore show
  • Guide service for all program
  • Excursions as per itinerary and entrance fees to all museums and National parks
  • Horse, camel riding
  • Meals during whole trip
  • Transport for all program
  • Visit Nomads family

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