Tolbo Lake and Golden eagle festival


17th eaglehunting festival held at the shore of Tolbo lake ,14th sep-15th sep.
Yes, there are 3 different “Golden Eagle Festivals” in Mongolia organized by 3 other communities. All of them are open for any hunters and allowing these “Golden Eagle Hunters” take a part of each festivals by depending on their availability. Generally speaking, these festivals have similar activities but only differ is the size.

If we talking about the size of all festivals, 1 and 2 above mentioned dates are bit smaller, but more enjoyable. There will be 50-70 Golden Eagle Hunters will take this festival-competitions. Another thing is there will be less tourists in those dates (14-15 Sep and 21-22 Sep).

Specially, “Golden Eagle Festival” on the 21-22 Sep is more locally enjoyed, not designed for tourists, or not being advertised all over the place.

3rd festival on the 5-6 Oct is the main “Golden Eagle Festival” with heavy number of tourists with long and big lenses. There will be about 70-100 Golden Eagle Hunters for this festival and competitions